About us

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    Escalion is a company engaged in providing online bank card payment solution.
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    Escalion develops and provides online bank card payment services, which can be used safely from all countries in any currency.

    Our services:

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    The services of Escalion were designed expressly for internet service providers, merchants, vendors, web shops, and online games. By using this service you can for instance collect membership or tuition fees and donations, or sell accessories of online games and downloadable studies in a cost-effective way. Accordingly, if you market your products on the web (too) and would like to simplify your payment services or if you are new to on-line marketing, please contact us!
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    You need to concentrate only on developing your business, as the Escalion system will carry out all administrative functions of managing your funds:

Conditions/requirements of trading online

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    The number and rate of both online shopping and bank card purchases have been increasing worldwide. Providing customers with the option of online bank card payment in web shops is proven to increase conversion.
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    The detailed, yet simple description of the procedure and the role of the participants is available at the description of online bank card payment.
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    • The company must have its own website where the sales are made.
    • Possession of Merchant Account
    • Compliance with general legal regulations and security requirements: the Escalion team will assist you in this respect. A fundamental condition is the secure management of user data and the marketing of products or services, which do not infringe the law.

Security and guarantees

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    The proper security of online shopping can be guaranteed by several generally accepted and applied algorithms and methods, such as https and SSL+.
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    The organizations responsible for the security of online bank card payment inspect the service and system of Escalion on a regular basis. The following certifications prove that Escalion meets all security requirements prevailing in the business-line:

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    The tasks of risk management are fraud prevention and avoiding chargebacks. At Escalion these functions are carried out by an automated system which is programmed on the basis of our ten years of experience gained in this sector and which is continuously controlled by human intelligence.
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    Yes, of course. At your request, your dedicated account manager executes the required changes or you can personally make the modifications in the merchant admin.

About our services

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    Our prices depend on multiple circumstances, such as your business-line, the sales volume of your web shop and extra services if requested. For the best personalized offer, please contact us!
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    In order to ease the burden of administration, our acquirer bank manages the payouts, thus you have nothing to do in this regard. From the received amounts it automatically deducts the commission of Escalion and then transfers the remaining amount to your merchant account.
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    Thanks to our service, your customers can pay in your web shop, from anywhere in the world. The merchant account however can only be opened from selected regions. The list of supported countries keeps expanding all the time; for the latest version please contact us!
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    When using Escalion`s online bank card payment service, payment on your website can be made with the following card types: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro. The online bank card payment service of Escalion can accept any currency.
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    The invoice is sent to the customers by the merchant in every case. Escalion only provides the option of online bank card payment; it is not the seller of the products sold in the web shop.

Client Service

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    Please contact us our committed colleagues always welcome your questions.
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    Our contracted merchant partners can contact their dedicated account managers at the indicated availability. Those that are not our contracted partners can call our client service. Upon contacting our colleagues, please provide them with as much relevant information as possible related to the case in order to make their work easier and faster.
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    If your customers have a question concerning payment, then they are welcome to contact Escalion's client service. If your customers have a question concerning your web shop or products, you will be able to assist them.


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    Please contact us by completing this form!
    Our colleagues will get back to you to conduct personal negotiations. We will assess your requests and expectations.

    If you know exactly what you want, we will prepare you a price offer in collaboration with the bank.

    While we compile your offer, the documentation of the technical integration will be at your disposal in order to afford you sufficient time to study the documents.

    We will send you a customized offer. If you accept our terms, the contract may be signed.
    You will need your company’s official documents for concluding the contract.

    Meanwhile, the technical integration can be commenced, in which our developers will assist you.
    Once the contract is completed, we will send it out to all parties and forward the signed copies.
    This is followed by running the system in test environment, then in live environment.
    If everything is in order, you can start selling online.