Transaction Analytics & Reports

Escalion Merchant Dashboard – the knowledgeable e-merchant's utility

Have you ever encountered a chaotic bank statement where it takes an eternity to figure out or locate specific transactions?

If you use Escalion Merchant Dashboard, you can spend more time on the actual improvement of your business.

Our user friendly interface separately displays all buyer transactions in a simple, easy-to-manage, yet customizable format. And that’s just for starters...

Financial Multi-tool

All the controls in your hands!

The Merchant Dashboard allows real-time follow-up, and if needed, intervention to any transactions.

You have personal online access through any web browsers, yet always keeping in mind the security of your business information.

Some of the benefits of having access to such a sophisticate tool:

  • Customer support: All transactions are individually identified, so in case of a problem, they can be easily located and any possible issues pinpointed.
  • Financial accounting: Only relevant items are displayed in the Dashboard and reports with editing features can be opened with a single click.
  • Fraud protection: Suspicious transactions may be instantly refunded (voided) or banned.
  • Data analysis, statistics: Daily statistics and graphs provide a perfect overview of the up-to-date performance of your business.

More Useful Information Available to Download

  • Besides the main functions listed above, the Merchant Dashboard also allows businesses to customize the payment page to their own design.
  • Void refund is not only a useful function to handle customer reversal requests but also a good protective tool in avoiding fraud and chargeback.
  • Reports and Statistics are essential for transaction management and accountancy and can be accessed or exported with just a few clicks.
  • All features of the Merchant Dashboard can be familiarized by the downloadable Documentations. Escalion Customer Care and Fraud Prevention department is happy to help with any related questions.