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New to online sales

Create your own webshop and increase your income! The internet opens up new opportunities and markets for You, your pruducts and services. Why wouldn't you live with it?

1. Domain

If you start online marketing now, first you need domain registration and a webhosting company to host your website (web hosting).

2. Webshop

After this, you need to build your web shop, where the designer and the developer must take into account that the information necessary for online marketing and online bank card payment should be displayed. Technically, the online bank card payment module offered by us can be integrated to all types of websites and sales.

3. Online Payment

If the web shop is completed and marketing has been launched, then we can provide online bank card payment procedure to you within the framework of a contract (Internet payment system providing).

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Online merchant

Increase your sales results on the internet - easy to achive. A reliable and flexible online bank card payment solution is a great tool to raise your income.

If you already have an operating web shop, we can start providing the online bank card payment service to your company after signing the contract.

1. Application Form

Please fill out the pre-application form and send it to us! All information provided to us or coming into our possession during the procedure will be handled confidentially.

2. Verification

After receiving your form, the experts of Escalion will analyze the provided data and take a look at your website. We shall inspect whether the product or service sold by your company meets the requirements of the legislative environment and that of the banking partners.

3. Contact

Subsequently our colleagues will contact you and, if necessary, make proposals to supplement the website, which must meet the following formal requirements:

  • detailed information on the products, prices, contract terms,
  • delivery and performance terms,
  • availability, postal address, phone number, e-mail address,
  • conditions of cancellation

4. Documents

If the website meets the requirements of the legal environment and banking industry, we will ask you to send in the documents necessary for contract conclusion (e.g. excerpt from the company registry, specimen of signature).

5. Offer

We start the process of opening the internet merchant account at the bank. On the basis of the bank conditions and fees, we make an offer to you regarding our cooperation.

6. Open an account

If an agreement is reached, you and Escalion will sign a contract. The bank opens your merchant account and we collect and send all related documentation to you.

7. Integration

We commence the technical integration. During technical integration we provide you assistance, API, the sample code to enable you to insert the online bank card payment module into the web shop. We send the passwords and the user names necessary to use the merchant admin.

8. Go live

After testing and activation the web shop’s online bank card payment system will be ready to operate.

For more information please contact us!