Bank Card


What is the bank card?

A bank card is an 85x54 mm plastic card, which is in compliance with international standards. After an identification process (made with the help of data stored on the magnetic strip on the back of the card, or lately on the microchip on the front) the card allows its holder to initiate transactions online.

The elements of the bank card contain information, which allow its identification and protection. Magnetic strip cards store the information, the name, the card number, the expiration date on this strip, but not the CVC2 code. Therefore, in case of an online bank card payment, entering the CVC2 code verifies that the card is physically in possession of the customer and that he saw it.

Cards which are equipped with chips are also called intelligent or smart cards. Such cards store and process data on a chip or integrated (ICC) circuit module. On their front side the bank cards bear the PAN number, which usually consists of 16 digits. This prefix of the number determines which bank card network (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) the card belongs to and also refers to the issuer bank and the date of issue.

The back of the bank card contains the CVV2 or CVC2, CSC code, which is an additional security code that protects against fraud as part of the passive defense system. Knowing the code shows that the user saw the card or physically holds it, because this code is not stored together with the other elements of the card.

Escalion is involved in processing and transmitting transactional data and the cardholder's information as a service provider. In other words, Escalion handles and processes the elements of the transaction initiated by a bank card issued by the card companies, between the issuer bank and the acquirer bank in order to ensure that the customer eventually gets the purchased product or service and the merchant receives the price. All these functions are performed while providing maximum protection to all parties and data.

The bank card is the means of conducting transactions with the funds kept on the bank account.